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SōMA Movement & Therapeutics is an exercise and wellness studio located just off of Historic Fabric Row, in Queen Village, Philadelphia. Our philosophy is simple, Move Smart. Live Better. By educating our clients on the importance of mindful and functional movement and how to create a deeper awareness of their body, SōMA helps to integrate sustainable change to daily lives. Driven by a community atmosphere that is friendly, supportive, productive and fun, SōMA offers a unique approach to intelligent fitness. Whatever your goals or your specific needs are, SōMA Movement & Therapeutics will connect you with the tools needed to achieve results and live the life you deserve.

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Andrew Krewatch is an ACSM Health Fitness Specialist and holds a degree in Exercise Science from IUP. Andrew arrived in Philadelphia in the fall of 2010 and began to apply his knowledge as an Exercise Physiologist at a local physical therapy facility. It was here that he had the opportunity to work with a diverse community of clients ranging from teenagers to seniors. Along with Andrew's performance and fitness background, and the injuries and issues that are related to athletics, he found a way to connect these experiences with the movement issues facing all of us today. Whether it is to lose weight, return to sports, get out of pain, or simply feel better, Andrew is driven to place his clients' on a sustainable path to exercise and overall wellness. Andrew is a former collegiate football quarterback, softball player, dog owner, and DIYer. Andrew's warm and friendly nature and his ability to connect a clients goals with everyday life is what helps him to create an educated, invigorated, and balanced fitness experience for all.

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Larry Mele is a N.A.S.M. Corrective Exercise Specialist, a N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer, E-RYT 200 hour Certified Yoga Instructor, and a dedicated practitioner of practical human movement. Larry's multidisciplinary approach to fitness fuses the alignment principles of yoga with body weight strength training and cardiovascular endurance, to create a dynamic blend of conscious exercise. By helping clients obtain a deeper awareness of their movement and a balanced connection to their mind-body, Larry gives students the tools to approach fitness in an intelligent way that increases results while decreasing the risk of injuries. Larry has extensive experience working with clients of different ages, levels, and backgrounds. As an avid cyclist, yogi, and surfer he is specifically interested in healthy biomechanics and restoration from sports and athletic related activities. Larry's playful, inspiring, and down-to-earth style supports clients on the path to reaching their goals and creating sustainable change for their daily lives.



Our classes, with a maximum of 12 people, ensure a personal exercise experience in a group atmosphere.
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Small group training offers family and friends the chance to workout together in a semi-private setting.
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Gives clients the ability to meet one-on-one with their practitioner for a private session that is directly tailored to their movement goals.
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Drop In Class – $20
5 Class Pass – $90
10 Class Pass – $160


Single Session – $90
5 Session Pass – $425
10 Session Pass – $800


Single Duet Session (price per person) – $60
5 Session Pass (price per person) – $287.50
10 Session Pass (price per person) – $550


Single Group Session (3 - 6 participants) – $150


Single Group Session (7 - 10 participants) – $200

CANCELLATION POLICY: Refunds will be given for pre-paid private sessions, workshops & programs within 24 hours notice of cancellation, less 15% administration fee. No refunds or credits will be given for no shows.
ONLINE CLASS RESERVATIONS: Classes reserved online may be canceled up to 60 minutes prior to class with no charge and your account will automatically be credited.



Patterns In Movement – 9am


Patterns In Movement – 9am

Zendurance – 6pm


Zendurance – 9am

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ZENDURANCE combines yoga inspired movements with circuit style strength training to create a total body workout that is dynamic, challenging, mindful, and fun! The class offers students the opportunity to train at different levels and intensities while giving a complete and total fitness experience to everyone.*

PATTERNS IN MOVEMENT dives deeper into the understanding of exercise and its relationship to practical human movement. This class gives students of all levels the skills needed to improve muscle recruitment and engagement as well as the ability to apply these actions to our daily lives. Patterns in movement offers students a workout that is educating, invigorating, and uplifting!*

*Maximum 12 students – We like to keep our classes small so you can fully benefit from the expertise and personal attention you'll get from our teachers. We also believe in building a community of like-minded and like-motivated individuals and feel smaller class sizes allow this to grow and develop organically. We encourage our clients to sign up in advance as we want to ensure that you have the opportunity to participate since class sizes are capped. – Sign Up Here For Classes!



Starting Saturday, June 3rd, Join Larry representing Three Queens Yoga as he leads a free yoga class at the Shambles at Headhouse Square (104 Lombard Street, Society Hill) every Saturday from 9 to 10 a.m. The series will run through September 2nd. All you have to do to join in is secure your spot ahead of time here and tote your own mat with you to the outdoor class.

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Saturday February 18th, from 12:00 - 3:00, SōMA Movement & Therapeutics presents MEAL PREPPING 101 with Trevor Budny of Guerrilla Nutrition. In this workshop Trevor will guide you through the meal prepping process. You’ll leave with an understanding of basic prepping concepts and how to tweak them to fit your weekly & daily demands (5 Day Week), a prepping booklet, example recipes and access to Trevor via email for any questions you may have on how to apply the prepping material.
The first half of this workshop will cover basic topics related to your diet/lifestyle that will have a direct effect on you and your diet: Macro-Calories, Minerals, Stress Management, Sleep, Hydration & Setting up a weekly program.
The second half of this workshop will apply the basic knowledge to a program that is specifically catered to you: How to cook for the week, How to tweak intake for the daily changes in exercise, Recipes & Setting up a support system.
Cost: $45 – Sign up for MEAL PLANNING 101 here.

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Saturday November 19 & Sunday November 20 we will be collecting goods and donations for Street Tails Animal Rescue. We'll also have a visit from a furry friend on Saturday form 9:30-12:00, please stop by and help out if you can!

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Join Andrew Saturday June 25th for a body weight interval training class @ the PHS Pop Up Garden at the Viaduct Rail Park for a great way to kick off your weekend, enjoy some beautiful weather & get an awesome workout!
$10 | 10am-11am | 10th & Hamilton | b.y.o.mat (some will be provided if needed)

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Getting things under way at SōMA to get ready for our official opening festivities. We'd like to thank everyone who has helped and supported us along the way. Stay tuned for more info!

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SōMA Movement & Therapeutics

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